57 Cute and Colorful Easter Nail Art Designs For Spring 2019

Easter is a gift of time to be happy and grateful for life! Therefore, on such a day, women wearing new clothes is not enough to show off the best Easter look, but wearing the right nail design on the day will add more charming sense to you. Before you begin your Easter festivities this holiday, you might want to try some of these fun do it yourself nail ideas to get festive this Easter Sunday! No Easter nail is complete without bunnies, chickens and eggs.

These adorable nails are easy, also providing a fun activity while you get ready for your Easter egg hunt. This Easter, you can’t go wrong with painting a simple chick or bunny on your nails in bright spring colors! The symbols of easter and spring can be really good source of inspiration of making some changes on your nails. From sparkles to matte finishes, to pastels, we have put together a compilation of 32 Easter nail designs that will certainly inspire you and spark your creativity. Pick your trend or holiday icon and your nails will be ready to impress family and friends alike.

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Just take your time and find more! Hope you will like these nails and try them 2019. Pick any that suits your personality the best and bring out the best in you. Don’t forget to pin the ones you like the most to show your nail list.