35 DIY Dried And Pressed Flower Home Decorations

Flowers are a popular staple in many homes, particularly during the spring months. But one of the drawbacks to flowers is that they don’t always last very long. There are ways, however, to keep you flowers around for longer than a week or two. Pressing is one very popular method. And the tutorial below shows you just one way to show off pressed flowers in your home. Preserve your favorite ones or perhaps a bouquet from a loved one by drying them and turning it into customized wall art to enjoy year-round!

You can bring some fresh or potted ones inside and fill your home with adorable summer aromas, and of course, you can make some decorations with floral prints and some textiles and furniture, too. This DIY canvas wall art is with dried flowers, and you can choose literally any blooms. This is a gorgeous 3D piece that will bring a bright summer feel to your space. Drying flowers are necessary before making the canvas but there are a lot of tutorials to do that, just find what you like.

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