56 Trendy Smokey Eye Makeup Looks for Beginners 2019

Smokey eyes seem great and are a fantastic party makeup look for formal occasions, and are one of the most popular and trendy current makeup looks. Much like your favorite little black dress, a smoky eye is timelessly sexy. Whether you like subtle sparkle or want to bring the drama with tons of shine, consider these beautiful smokey eyes makeup looks.

Before beginning any eye makeup program, never forget to prepare your eye area such you have a great base to work with. It is important to understand how to apply Smokey eye makeup for the many shades of black or brown eyes. Brown eyes appear good with pretty much any eyeshadow color. If you would like to have unique sexy eyes, you can choose blue, green or golden shimmery shades too. There are a variety of smoky eye makeups.

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The palette you decide on will earn a huge difference as it can impact the direction you look when wearing eye makeup. The date might or might not be good, but my eye makeup is going to be on point. Just take your time to find more. Hope you will get inspiration from these smokey makeup looks and try them next time.