50+ Most Attractive Wavy Layered Medium Length Hairstyles in 2019

Every girl wants to make a change in her look sometimes, and most commonly, each of them will choose to change their hairstyles at first. For it’s the most noticeable part when you make some changes. Hairstyles for medium length hair are incredibly varied, from swishy curls, trendy twisty waves, smooth and stylish elegance and updo sophistication. Today, I will introduce layered wavy hairstyles to you.

Layered wavy hair is always considered to be very chic, stylish and fully compatible with all hair types and different lengths. There are endless options for your hairstyles, the look you get will be unique. We collected 53 most attractive layered wavy hairstyles for your medium length.

Looking for inspiration to create a gorgeous layered wavy hairstyle? Get inspired with our collection of hairstyles. Just take your time to find more and hope you will find your favorite. Don’t forget to pin the ones you like the most to show your hairstylist.